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I was named by my grandmother for luminescence. Perhaps I have reached a point in my life where I want to do the things I enjoy the most. I am close to my oasis, I live life the way that I like and I do what I love. The elegance of African hospitality where we eat and everyone feels welcomed. It is time to give African food a try as the heritage menu suggests, I was pleasantly surprised by the phenomenal support of food lovers across the globe who expressed a longing for going back to basics in African flavours, but presented in a manner my grandmother would be proud of and my mother would marvel. Legacy of living and sparkles of taste is my epicurean experience and the story of my life told through food, it is about the self – discovery of the reader. In what Gabriella Marquez calls the Utopia of life where it becomes possible just the way we like. I believe it must be secret formula to longevity that each person can do what he or she likes”, he says. For me food is a euphoria deeper than satisfying hunger, the kind of moments that transports and creates longing, that is why I do this for.


Visit your local bookstore for some delicious Christmas recipes and more:

Xmas is near, I like the idea of adding delicious side dishes and dips to a soulful Christmas menu, try my spinach with wild mushrooms and goat cheese, chorizo and tomato relish and my famous salmon and dill cream cheese.

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