February is special for many reasons

February is special for many reasons


The month of February is special for many reasons, mostly it is the month I celebrate my birth. I have cherished the glorious  celebrations of this day over the years, and I turn every year into a surprise. I live the life of my dreams, I do what I like and life flows as it should be. I think I must be at peace with the woman I am. The idea that I can be an inspiration doing what I enjoy is a gift. But, I’m grateful for love, mostly the love of my son. I am grateful to my family for backing everything I do. This February will particularly remain part of my consciousness for a very long time, my mom sudden passing moved me and my family in a very fundamental way. Tribute goes to my dear mom for giving me life, but mostly the woman and mother that I am is because of her. I am a self – taught home cook with knowledge she passed to me and my sisters, I hope through us her recipes and quest for warm African hospitality in homes can be mirrored for years to come.

Friends, thanks for the messages, love and support you have shown me and my family.

, with love

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